Welcome to Red Beard Forge, My name is Anthony and I am a blacksmith, bladesmith, machinist, and father of 5 small children. My passion in life is learning and applying new skills and working with my hands. I am a jack of all trades and consider myself a bit of a renaissance man exploring a variety of skills. Professionally I have worked extensively in just about all aspects of the construction trades as well as my work as a machinist(currently 4th year apprentice) and I have also pursued a variety of other skills such as black-smithing, leather work, knife making, gun-smithing,Wilderness living, traditional archery, brewing and just about any other hands on trade that catches my eye. I have said for years that my drug of choice is information and practical skills are the peak state of information in my eyes. I have always been fascinated with knives as functional and beautiful tools and with the help of my father made my first knife at the age of seven. At 15 there was some question about files disappearing from the shop and being made into knives so I was put into a black-smithing class run by the western development museum in Saskatoon Saskatchewan a few hours drive from home. The rest is history as they say. I have been making knives ever since as well as a number of other forging projects as the muse strikes me. In 2008 I married my wife and 2009 found us in Uganda and Kenya working with street kids. My drive to forge steel had me building a simple pit forge in front of our tiny house in the village and with a rock for an anvil, a bag bellows made from a feed sack and some of our cooking charcoal for fuel I was making again. I'm sure our neighbors thought I was nuts! Since then I have continued to hone my craft and always look to learn new skills that I can apply to my work every day. Please take a look at my available and past work to see if something catches your eye. If you see something you like let me know. My work is often inspired by Scandinavian knife tradition and I work primarily in high carbon steel, natural wood and leather with a focus on traditional styles and methods. If you would like to keep up with me and see my work in progress the instagram logo in the top corner of the page is the best way to stay up to date on whats going on in the shop.

Red Beard Forge